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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Outrageously Good!!!

It snowed between 10 and 15cm’s overnight but with 80km/h winds blowing at altitude there was some serious snow transported by the wind and it was knee-deep in places. (See photos) With -14C temperatures the snow was beautifully light and we all had an outrageously good morning. Andreas was first into the Chardonnet and he followed that up with the Balme, and I’m in ‘code-mode’ for the rest of it! Wow, what a morning!

I had a lovely afternoon with Rory’s family this afternoon as Frieda, Ed and Harriet came along and it snowed lightly for most of the afternoon so that won’t hurt for tomorrow, and it stay quite cold all day long. We had a nice new cushion of snow by the end of the afternoon and sun is forecast for tomorrow.

I’ve been out all day and need a hot bath. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.