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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Outstanding Again!!!

After one of the best days of the season in flat-light and total solitude yesterday the sun was out in full force and with it everyone with two days of built-up ‘cabin-fever’! The skiing was brilliant but it was sad to see such a lack of respect for the mountain as on some pitches very few skiers totally trashed some magnificent slopes. Apart from the people, which we did a good job of avoiding for the most part, the snow conditions were excellent again today. After a cracking Fontaine Froide to warm-up Chris and I dove straight into the Tour du Charvet via TJ’s Shoulder and it was brilliant top-to-bottom while Thomas skied the Tour via the Mont Blanc Couloir. From there we needed to push out as the Manchet Chair is out of commission for the next two days and we all then skied a terrific Face du Charvet. By the time we’d pushed back again the Charvet-side was warming up and after spending the last two days in that sector Thomas and I headed up Solaise to ski variations off the Arcelle for a change of scenery. Thomas skied skiers-left while I tried a Marmottons/Marmottes on the way home to finish off a quality morning. Pietro was down in Ste Foy today while Andreas was back in action on the beginners slope skiing with Ian’s grandchildren. It’s been a long time since he had taught beginners and he really enjoyed it. (Although he wouldn’t want to make a living at it!)

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas’ gig at the Danois tonight starting around 5:30. Besides TJ’s Shoulder’s and Face du Charvet’s in perfect powder it’s my favourite two hours of the week. See you there!

PS I had a new Swedish gentleman named Peter skiing with me today. Thomas found him alone in the woods at the Fornet a couple of days ago and signed him up. It was great to have you along Peter! And sorry I lost you for the last run!