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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Outstanding Ambience!!!

It was overcast first thing this morning with signs of good vis at altitude but by ‘showtime’ it had cleared up and we were treated to a fabulous morning. It was cold with clear blue skies and with an additional 10cm’s overnight and more where it had ‘pillowed’ in with the wind we had some wonderful skiing. We were heading to Tignes but Andreas and I ended up on the Kern first thing, which was good enough to get us thinking about the Face du Charvet, which was fantastic with lovely ambience and it was surprisingly good right to the bottom. Andreas then headed to the Fornet to go over the Col while I circled back around for a Tour du Charvet (via TJ’s Shoulder) followed by a little ‘skin’ to the Col de la Madeleine. (See photos) It was a morning with great ‘classic’ slopes and excellent snow for the most part and even the left-over ‘educational’ bits were very skiable. Meanwhile, Chris, Thomas, and TJ had brilliant morning’s in Tignes and I think Henry went up to the Fornet.

Don’t forget Andreas’ gig with Karen at 5 o’clock at the Petit Danois. I’m hoping all you Guinea Pig fans out there will come along because it’s an excellent gig and I guarantee you’ll come back for more again next Friday. See you there!

PS I haven’t even bothered to think about tomorrow yet as I’ll savour today first!