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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Peter’s Back!!!

It didn’t really snow much overnight but just enough to give us a bit of a cushion, and a softer feel underfoot. What really helped to make the morning was the visibility, which for a flat-light day was actually pretty good.

After spending the past ten days or so towards the Fornet it was time to head towards Tignes this morning. It may be the last chance we have to travel afar in the next couple of days as heavy snow is now forecast. Today’s avalanche risk was 1/5, which just shows how little it snowed last night, but tomorrow’s could be up to 4/5?

Peter returned this morning after spending a night in the hospital in Bourg. They were very thorough and did all sorts of test on him, and it turns out that he had altitude sickness. There was a doctor onboard the helicopter who started to wire him up immediately, and they took him straight down to the hospital in Bourg. Peter was seriously impressed by the heli-crew as well as the hospital treatment.

I didn’t get home until 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon and remembered that I hadn’t given Peter a key. I was worried that he was stuck outside the door in the hallway waiting for me, so I was surprised when his skis weren’t in the ski locker. At first I thought he might have taken himself out for lunch but ……..!

I was really pleased for Chelsea last night. What a fantastic result and hopefully it will kick-start Graham Potter’s reign as Chelsea manager.

Well done to TJ today who skied with Alpine for her first time. TJ has a chalet down in S Foy, which she runs as a catered business. She has a couple of weeks off now so managed to come up and ski with us, and we hope to see her again soon.

Don’t forget that Fernando is playing  a one-off Wednesday gig at the Danois tonight. I have a Pilates class so won’t make it until 7:15, but I hope to see you there.

It’s snowing properly now and the landscape will be totally different by the morning. Stay tuned!