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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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All Alone!!!

I was all alone today in pretty tough conditions. The rest of the boys were off for various reasons and I cut a lonely figure at the Gourmandine this morning.

It wasn’t the most inspiring of mornings and we weren’t expecting a lot. But, as usual the skiing was much better than anticipated and considering the conditions it was jolly good skiing.

It always takes a run or two to work out the options for the day. The temperature was several degrees warmer than yesterday and the wind was howling at altitude. The skies were overcast to the point that I put on my googles. Plus there was some light rain over night and a dusting of snow up high.

During this tricky patch my ‘go to’ warm up run has been off the Motte. There is lovely piste en route and on the way back, plus some great souffle upstairs. Besides a nice warm-up that trip gives me time to work out what to do next?

After the Motte we returned to Val d’Isere and skied some spring snow off the Fresse. The warmth of the day plus the rain had softened the snow without the help of the sun. (Thank Goodness!) Then we skied the top third of the Tour du Charvet before ‘skinning’ back out for about 20 minutes. To finish off the morning we skied off the Fontaine Froide and into the Super Santon. We skied as low was we could before the support started to give way and then escaped into the Santon. (The Santon has now been pisted and Derek was quite pleased to be able to ski home.)

Today I skied with Michael, Penny, Derek, Adam G, Robert and Johann. They all showed up ready to go and had a great attitude. It wasn’t very inspiring but it was another really good morning out of nothing. Thanks and well done to you all!

Stay tuned!

PS The rest of the boys should be back in action tomorrow.