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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Great Gig!!! !!!!

We were planning a trip towards the Aiguille Percee today as that sector was suppose to open but unfortunately they weren’t ready and we needed to come up with something else. With early morning cloud cover and flat-light the sky was clearest towards the Fornet so we headed that way with the promise of the Pyramid Chair opening, but you guest it, it didn’t open either! Anyway, we went back-side and after a short ‘skin’ had a good ski down with great vis, lovely scenery, solitude and slightly ‘educational’ snow in places. The good thing about ‘educational’ snow is that it’s educational and I thought it was a pretty good outing. Our escape from the Grand Torsai was very good with smooth soufflĂ© all the way down, which beats many of the other conditions that we encounter down there during the winter.

Last night’s gig with Karen and Andreas at Le Petit Danois was their best yet! The progress they’ve made from this time last year until now is incredible and they seem to improve each week. Andreas’ guitar solos have gone from a nervy 5-to-10 seconds to an extremely confident 45 seconds and longer. And Karen seems to be getting better as well, which is quite astonishing for someone who has been singing live gigs for such a long time. They are a great combination and their song choices are brilliant so if you haven’t seem them sure you are there next Friday between 5 and 5:30.

Between sun, track, and wind damage we really could use some new snow now and it would be helpful if a few more lifts opened as well. Sun is forecast for tomorrow but we should see enough snow on Monday to give us a fresh canvas and open up some more options. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!