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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Potential ‘Stinker’ Avoided!!!

After three-weeks of non-stop sunshine we had a flat-light day with a few flakes floating about and without visibility we all thought that we were in for a pretty tough morning. Thomas decided he wanted to give the Fornet a go so we all rallied around to keep him company and headed towards the Col with fairly low expectations but a centimetre of fresh snow and wind helping to rearrange things we ended up having a cracking good morning. (See photos) It ended up clearing up towards the end of the morning, which helped enormously for our ski down but what we really needed was another 5 to 10 cm’s of snow to really freshen up the snowpack and give us a clean canvas to work with. Still, it was a very satisfying morning when no one was really expecting much, and in fact considering it only snowed 1cm it was a cracking good outing with improved conditions.

Unfortunately Karen is ill so tonight’s gig has been cancelled and as far as I know the Danois hasn’t found a replacement. I missed last week due to the airport run so I was really looking to tonight but it’s not to be. Hopefully Karen will feel better sooner than later and we’ll all look forward to next week.

It looks as though we are in for another week of sunshine so hopefully that dusting of snow helped elsewhere in the resort as well. Stay tuned!

PS Good luck to Henry who has his interview today about becoming a French citizen, which would enable him to work here for the rest of his life, unlike some people who will be affected by Brexit and are quite concerned about their futures. I told Henry this morning that he should wear a beret, but that might be overdoing it a little!