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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Potentially Tricky But…..!!!

With flat-light and only about 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow it was a potentially tricky morning but it turned out to be a pretty jolly good morning. Thomas, Henry and I headed up to the Fornet with the Glacier Pers in mind knowing that there wasn’t enough new snow to cover the damaged heat-crust snow that is just about everywhere except north. When Thomas and I arrived on the summit of the Pisaillas T-Bar a window of good light appeared and the Pays Desert looked pretty good as some new snow had blown in so we changed our plan and dove into the Pays Desert. The snow was excellent up top but lower down we were reminded of the nasty heat-crust that is lurking even at that altitude but by staying north we had good skiing back down to the poma. We then headed back up to do the Glacier Pers but once over the Col the snow looked too good to be ‘skinning’ so we skied straight down and had an excellent Col Pers top-to-bottom! The plan was to come back around and ski the Vallonnet but the push out from the Pont St Charles was difficult against a punchy wind so we finished the morning in the Grand Vallon and traversed Chez Henri to get across to the northern slopes under Oh My. I thought it was a cracking morning and much better than expected both snow-wise and visibility-wise. We never did see much of Henry but he was in the neighbourhood and Chris headed towards Tignes as he and Tejina have spent a lot of time at the Fornet lately.

Millie and Katie took Gill to a Halsey concert at the O2 last night and reported a fantastic gig. Millie bought all the tickets as she’s been working hard and has decided to by ‘experiences’ for presents instead of ‘material’ things. Good girl Mils!

I’m off to the gym as I haven’t been in ages and then might pop by the Danois around 6:30 to check out Ed Mullit and Jamie. Non of my regular Danois pals go on Monday’s but I like Ed and he’s turned it down a little as he used to be a bit loud!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Thanks to Chris and Suzanne for a yummy dinner last night and thanks to Corinna the fabulous treats from Chevallot!!!

PPS Thomas and Jukka have made the John-Yates Smith ‘pin-up’ parade!!! Lately we’ve had Barnaby, Perrin, Doug, Charlie and Paul Wilkinson!!!