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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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It was a bit of a transition day today. Except for north facing slopes the powder is starting to crust up. And the spring slopes are trying their best to transform into supporting spring snow.

Chris and I decided to head for one of our favourite versatile places. A sector where we could find powder up top followed by spring snow lower down. (Code-mode) It was excellent skiing top to bottom and a cracking good morning. (See photos)

We skied piste on the way home because it was too warm and many slopes were still in between. Meaning no longer powder and not yet spring snow. Carol asked me why I was accelerating out of my turns and pulling away from her. That sparked a little ‘technique’ session, which was fun and a productive finish to the morning.

Meanwhile Thomas and Henry were going for a double ‘skin’ and I haven’t had a report. And Andreas headed up to the Fornet to get the last of the powder up there.

It is forecast to snow a few centimetres tonight before some more serious snow tomorrow night. Tomorrow may be a little tricky but we should have a fresh canvas for Friday.

Last night’s gig at the Danois was excellent featuring the Revolverlites. Don’t forget The Lunettes tomorrow evening and Karen and Andreas on Friday. It’s all happening at the Danois!

Stay tuned!