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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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After 5 days in-a-row at the Fornet Chris, Andreas, and I headed towards Tignes and skied the perfect mix of powder up high on northern slopes and lovely ‘clean’ spring snow everywhere else. We had an easier day today as far as booting and ‘skinning’ goes but it was another terrific morning of quality skiing. Thomas did return to the Fornet for a big ‘skin’ and had another brilliant morning before exiting via the always impressive summer path.

It was a ‘bonus’ morning today as we weren’t expecting such a beautiful day as the sun shone all morning long but it’s now starting to snow lightly at 3:15PM and with any luck we’ll have another fresh canvas of powder snow to play in tomorrow morning.

I’ve trained Katie to wax skis so she’s out on the terrace hot-waxing our skis in the falling snow. (It’s not child abuse as she asked to do it!) She’s having a fantastic time and it’s great to have some adventurous, stimulating and fun one-on-one time with her! (And so far we haven’t been naughty!) Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Thomas has had his extra radio programmed so I’ll have a radio again tomorrow and will be back in contact with the team. It’s been a bit lonely out there for this past week or so! Thanks Thomas!