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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Really Enjoyable!!!

As each day passes the expectation levels drop a little and any ‘sniff’ that leads to untracked soft snow of any type is greatly appreciated, and any skiing with ambience is also a result, and today we had some great snow, ambience in the steep-and-narrow, and some stunning scenery as well. Chris, Andreas and I all headed up to the to ski the backside of the Col des Ves and it truly is a spectacular place and as it was a first for most of our skiers it was a very enjoyable outing. (See photos) Meanwhile, Thomas was skiing off-piste without ‘skins’ today so he showed his clients some great skiing in the steep with chalky snow and they all had a brilliant time. (Henry had the day off)

I missed Dick’s 40th Anniversary of Dick’s Tea-Bar last night as I was travelling to-and-from Lyon and I’m sure I missed a fantastic night, but if the truth be known I’m passed fantastic nights when I need to get up in the morning! Sorry Dick, I would have loved to have been there but it would have been too late for me.

The girls arrived back safely in England and I won’t see them again until mid-February. I must say it’s pretty quiet around here and I miss them already! Stay tuned!