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Reconnaissance Mission!!!

I had a morning off today but decided to go on a reconnaissance mission. Conditions are getting so tricky that I wanted to keep my feet in the snow. You can lose track of what’s going on very quickly so I took myself off for a little ski to look around.

In my travels I met Jerome and his wife out in the Tour du Charvet. Jerome was doing exactly the same thing as me as he’s back with clients tomorrow. We compared notes and one thing is certain, the steep spring Charvet slopes are disappearing quickly. Some passages only have a few days left before they’ll be finished for the season!

Jerome went off to scout out the Cugnai while I headed up to the Fornet. I wanted to see what damage was done by the wet, sandy snowfall. And unfortunately the Fornet has become a ‘no-go zone’ again like it has been most of the season. All that lovely chalky and windblown souffle is gone and has been replaced by frozen rubbish.

So I learned three things from my mission and chat with Jerome. One, if you want to ski around the Bec de l’Aigle do it in the next couple of days. Two, forget the Fornet! Three, is in ‘code-mode’! (See photos)

Chris and Andreas were both skiing this morning. Chris skied and ‘skinned’ in the Sachette while Andreas had a great adventure in the Couloir 3500. Thomas will be back in action on Monday, as will Henry.

It was another brilliant apres-ski in the Petit Danois last night. Karen and Andreas had the place dancing away and the atmosphere was fantastic. Besides the old favourites they worked in a couple of new songs, which I thought were great! Andreas played his guitar licks beautifully and Karen was her brilliant self. Thanks and bravo to both of you!

I met Andy, Max and Paddy at the gig. They are regular followers of my blog and it was nice to meet them. Andy asked me what my favourite run was? Answer: Opening the Face du Charvet with 30cm’s of fresh powder. And he asked me where’s Wayne’s Shoulder? Answer: Top Secret!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Thanks to Penny, Nicki and Adam for a lovely meal in Bananas last night!