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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Reconnaissance Mission!!!

After ignoring the Fornet for the entire season I’ve spent a little time there over the past few days. It’s still a long way from vintage Fornet but there is some interesting skiing up there. We’ve missed the Fornet options desperately this season and it’s been nice to be back in such stunning scenery.

I took my team over the Col for the first time since early December. As you can imagine the entrance is fairly shocking. I’ve seen it a lot worse but still it focuses the concentration!

Once in we worked our way around and ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers for the first time all winter. Considering the wind damage we managed some good skiing through a ‘moon-type’ landscape. (see photos)

I’ve never in my entire time in Val d’Isere skied over the Col and not seen another single person. We didn’t see one other person for the whole morning. That tells you the state of the Col entrance isn’t for the faint-hearted. And that the snow conditions at the Fornet remain pretty difficult for the most part.

Chris and Thomas both started their day’s in La Rosiere while Andreas headed down to Ste Foy this morning. Henry had the day off but will be back in action tomorrow.

Andreas was rather pleased with himself this morning as he scored 5 goals in a 13-12 win last night. It was especially satisfying as they were 6 goals down in the second half!

I’m heading to the Danois tonight to see the Lunettes on Tchenko’s recommendation. (That statement amounts to a disclaimer!) I wonder if that team of girls will be there again?

Don’t forget Karen and Mike at the Danois tomorrow night and stay tuned!

PS I’m trying the yellow BlackCrows tomorrow for interest sake. They are 1 mm wider in the tip, 7 mm wider underfoot and 2 mm narrower in the tail. Because of the extra surface area I’m trying the 172’s, which are 5 cm’s shorter than my normal skis. It should be interesting?