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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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‘Rescue Card’!!!

Occasionally someone shows up in an Alpine group who is obviously unequipped, and therefore totally useless in an emergency situation.

This has prompted Adam G, Charlie A and Doug T to team up with Henry and do something about it. Using Henry’s vast experience and contacts they have created a ‘Rescue Card’. The card will be issued to not only our new clients but the existing client base as well.

The card is a training support and memory tool so that everyone has at least a basic understanding of rescue procedures. If the worst-case scenario happens these cards could make all the difference.

Of course, nothing replaces regular training. But, in a stressful high-pressured life-or-death situation even the most drilled person could benefit from having a card.

Thanks very much to Adam, Charlie and Doug for initiating this project and carrying it through. And a big thank-you to Henry as well for his involvement.

Henry is now on tour in the UK. His program was posted recently so check it out and get out to one of his talks.

The season isn’t too far away so keep those booking rolling in, and we’ll see you soon!