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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Rest Day!!!

With a very busy period coming up I took the opportunity to take a day off. My legs were fatigued and with a quiet Saturday it was my chance for a rest day.

I had a really nice morning and got quite a lot done. After a few chores I enjoyed an excellent hour-long massage from Amy. Amy works for Henry’s wife Ginny and I can highly recommend their services. If you’ve some stiff and aching muscles don’t hesitate or why not just pamper yourself?

We had another fantastic apres-ski in the Danois last night. There was a good ‘Alpine’ presence and everyone enjoyed a great performance.

Mike, who was playing with Karen played his famous rendition of Mark Knophler’s ‘Sultans of Swing’. There were a few who’ve never witnessed it before and they were thoroughly impressed. If Mark himself was in the crowd he would have stood up and applauded and said, “well done young man”! They also played an excellent version of ‘Hotel California’. I hadn’t heard them play it before and it was seriously good as well.

As usual Karen was her brilliant self. She has such a great voice with a wonderful range. And she never shy’s away from taking on the biggest voices and songs in music. Her performance is always a pleasure. Bravo to you both and thanks for an outstanding evening!

I missed so many years of live music in town while the girls were growing up. After skiing I had baths to run, meals to cook and all round Dad things to do to help Gill. When the girls decided they needed to stay in England for schooling reasons I suddenly had free time. With my afternoons mostly free I joined the gym and started to get back into shape.

Eventually our secretary Louise told me to go the Danois to see the Killer Beez. And that changed everything! All of a sudden I had my live-music-rock-‘n-roll mojo back and I’ve been a regular at the Danois ever since. (I loved those boys! and thanks Lou!)

And then Andreas started to play with Karen. Even though she’s been in town for 25 or 30 years I’d never really seen her perform before. Needless to say I couldn’t believe what I was missing. That was the start of my regular Friday night’s at the Danois. And except for Covid or airport runs I haven’t missed a Friday night since. (Gill now knows to avoid booking flights for Friday’s!)

If you haven’t been to the Danois you don’t know what you’re missing. They have great live music every night. Six screens for sports. Really good food. Great staff who enjoy their work. And fantastic owners. As Pat and Jean Z’s client Stephane said during a gig one night, “this is the real Val d’Isere”! It’s a good old fashioned ‘Road House’ and a lot of fun.

As for today’s skiing, the boys all had a good time under bright blue skies. There was a nasty cold wind at altitude so the boys needed to adapt some of their plans. Well done boys and I’ll be back in action tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

PS I’m off shortly to the Danois to watch the rugby with Tchenko! If Katie was here we’d be going to the Garage but you’ll never get Tchenko out of the Danois!

PPS Andreas has a big ice hockey match in Albertville and he’s really looking forward to it. Go Gretzky!