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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Same Time Next Year!!!

Michael’s annual one month stay has sadly come to an end. He’s had a great time and enjoyed some wonderful skiing. Michael has also dealt with some pretty tough conditions. One thing is for sure, rain or shine, he will be there every morning with a smile on his face. Bravo Michael and we’ll see you same time next year!

We are enjoying some seriously beautiful, sunny weather. It’s not hard to take and everyone is thoroughly enjoying the clear blue skies. The only downside is that the resort is getting tracked out and our options are dwindling. With that said I’m in ‘code-mode’ and I’ll let the photos do the talking.

I was a happy boy this morning as the Hammers won again and are backing up last season’s performance. Being a West Ham fan hasn’t always been easy but Hammer’s fans everywhere are soaking in this success. And I bet United fans are wondering what might have happened if they had given Moyes a proper chance?

Stay tuned for more fun in the sun tomorrow!

PS And good-bye to Stocky as well. I’ll miss my Covid-Buddy!

PPS I almost forgot the biggest news item. Apparently UK holiday makers are welcome again in France as of tomorrow. But beware, France is a dangerous place!!!

PPPS And thanks to Paul Gains for the Christmas card all the way from New Zealand!

PPPPS And don’t forget Karen and Andreas at the Danois tomorrow at 5PM.