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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The high winds of the past 24 to 36 hours did some serious damage but also blew in some great snow in certain places and with the sun returning we had a fantastic morning. It was ‘maximum-turn’ type skiing, which was ‘gravity’ fed with no walking and we put in some turns this morning. I had the pleasure of Henry’s company today and we skied off the Verte to warm-up, followed by the lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, then the Tignes Altiport, followed by a brilliant Combe des Lanches, then two rotations near my shoulder and on the third we kept going to the bottom, and on the way home the Campanules presented itself for some ‘bonus’ turns before finishing off a very satisfying morning with the Familial. (I managed to take 240 photos today so it took some sorting!)

Thomas and Chris headed to the Chardonnet and then they opened up the Col des Ves chairlift in front of Thomas so I assume the lovely tracks on the big Face of the Grande Balme were laid by Team Thomas. Nice one Thomas! Andreas is skiing on-piste with his first-ever private clients from back in his Snow Fun days and although he’s probably missing us (a little) he’s having a really relaxed time with great people and is enjoying himself.

I received a severe bollocking from someone who must be working for the Civil Aviation Authority this morning for cutting across the Tignes runway while flight training was going on. The plane took off overhead flying the opposite direction so we had loads of time before it returned to land but this guy wanted to make a point and chased us half-way across the mountain screaming and yelling like a banshee. (Charlie, who’s often in trouble himself thought it was hilarious.) Anyway, when he asked me my name and ski school I stupidly said “Watson, Alpine Experience” when the correct answer would have been ” Smith, Mountain Masters”. Henry was also caught but it didn’t get the same hair-dryer treatment as we must have worn the poor guy out!

The sun is forecast to shine for at least the next week so we’d better dry those ‘skins’ out. Stay tuned!

PS Chris and I are on Community Service tonight serving hot wine and chocolate for the torchlight parade. I’m not sure if Thomas and Andreas are skiing the dreaded Face tonight or not?