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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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See You At Le Danois!!!

We were happy to have the sun shining again today and the boys all spread out around the resort. Chris and I headed to the Fornet as we’ve had very little chance to ski up there so far this winter and we had a great morning, but you need to ‘sniff’ around for it. About 5 cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight accompanied by a very strong wind that only blew for a short time but it damaged some slopes while filling in others and I thought there’d be a few more strips of wind aided snow to ski. Thomas and Henry headed towards Tignes while Andreas went off for a ‘skin’ and had a fantastic morning.

We’re expecting 30cm’s of snow on Sunday and I really hope it lasts longer than the last couple of snowfalls! I’m a little depressed as I’ve never seen the resort skied-out as quickly as during the past couple of weeks, even if the avalanche risk is 4/5! I’m not happy about it at all so I’d better think about something else!

Unfortunately Hugo (the drummer) for the Guinea Pigs was ill last night and couldn’t make it so Paul had to play the gig on his own and he did a fantastic job. It’s the first time he’s played solo for years and we all appreciated it, thanks Paul! And don’t forget Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Danois tonight at 5 o’clock. They’d like to start at five but it’s usually a bit later as they wait for the bar to fill up so please be on time if you can. It’s a great gig and I’m really looking forward to it. See you there!