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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Shock To The System!!!

The thought of grey skies and flat-light tomorrow  is a bit shocking after so many beautiful sunny days! We need snow desperately but none is forecast during this iffy next three days. Still, you never know as we are often pleasantly surprised and the daunting weather often doesn’t arrive.

We all enjoyed another really good ski this morning. I forgot my camera so there won’t be any photos of today’s events. Not needing to sort through and edit a load of photos has saved me at least an hour. I’ve managed to have my coffee on the terrace in the last of the sunshine instead of at my computer. But I kind of miss it in a funny sort of way!

Thanks to Rosie and her friends for a great evening last night. The girls are having a wonderful time and are doing double shifts. They manage apres-ski as well as the late night routine at the Danois. Go girls!

I’m off the the Danois tonight for the Lunettes at 5pm. Don’t let a funny name put you off as they are very talented and I’m really looking forward to it.

And don’t forget the big gig tomorrow night with Karen, Andreas, Mike and Ritchie. It will kick off a 5 o’clock sharp and will run until 8:30.

Stay tuned!

PS And goodbye to Corrina after 11 great days!