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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Simply Brilliant !!!

After a few days of stormy weather it was wonderful to be out skiing again, especially with clear blue skies and fabulous snow! With the violent winds over the past few days it wasn’t good everywhere but in the lee and gullies there was some superb snow to be had. We started off with a lovely taster off the Verte before being the first into the Familial for a great top-to-bottom run on a trackless mountain. After arriving back on top the Campanules didn’t look great and the Motte seemed closed so we circled back around for an absolutely stunning run skiers-right of the Epaule du Charvet. It was so good we circled back around for two more runs going further right and having top-to-bottom shots down through the gullies. We finished off a cracking morning with a run off the Epaule into the Santons and I definitely have my skiing mojo back!

It was pretty surprising at how quickly the steep slopes were skied this morning. The risk on the radio was 4/5 and 3/5 and the big signs and after so much snow and violent winds you’d think people would have been a little bit more cautious. There was an avalanche on the Banane that started way up high and continued down through the cliffs and across the flats near the bottom of the second chair. The pisteurs were there and someone was carted off the mountain but I’m not sure of the extent of the injuries.  

I cooked a lamb casserole last night and Pietro made salad as we entertained Jean-Marc, Olivier and Chris. The boys brought some fantastic cheese from the Pyrenees and we had a great evening.

I’m off to the gym followed by dinner and Liverpool v Napoli at Johnnie Alpine’s tonight. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS If you have Error 404 when you log-on to the website Chris says you may need to clear your cache. Good luck with that one!

PPS And don’t forget the Guinea Pigs Thursday après-ski!