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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Here’s to David!!!

Six centimetres of fresh snow fell last night. Six cm’s doesn’t sound like much but the fresh dusting was definitely welcome! And with better than expected visibility the boys had another satisfying morning. Chris and Michael headed up towards the sunshine on the Grande Motte while Henry chose the Fornet sector. I believe that Thomas was skiing as well but I’m not sure what he skied today. (Chris will be posting some photos later so do have a look)

I thankfully felt a bit perkier today. After spending yesterday indoors I felt the need for some fresh air. The terraced needed shoveling so I dealt with that before expanding my sitting area. Then I read for a while before it clouded over and cooled down. This afternoon I ‘masked’ up and walked to La Daille and back. Unfortunately that short walk tired me out, which isn’t a great sign.

This morning I received an email from Ian confirming that he too was a Covid victim from the gig on the December 17th. Including me that makes 5 of us! And that’s only the people who have got in touch with me. How many more are out there?

With Covid running wild in town there has been a tightening of rules. Masks are now obligatory while walking around town, on lifts and in queues and of on course buses. Bars are now ‘seated’ only, which will greatly reduce the numbers in indoor drinking establishments. (The Garage is probably one place that was already set up as a well organised ‘seated’ drinking establishment) Hopefully people will behave and make an effort to respect the new rules. We don’t want or need any more governmental panicking!

I’ve made the mistake of checking the football scores and the Hammers are 1-nil down after 8 minutes. Come on boys! Things aren’t going particularly well in Hammerland at the moment! And I know cricket fans are suffering as the Aussies are making them look like schoolboys!

I was laying in bed last night listening to YouTube music videos when Chilli Chilton popped up between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. I thought that was absolutely brilliant to have three of my favourite artists lined up in a row! (Chillie is Matt and Ellie’s daughter Lara who goes by Chilli musically) She’s up-and-coming, writes her own music and has a wonderful voice. Keep an eye out for her and you can find her on YouTube.

I’m hoping to make my return to the slopes on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for some negative tests!

And here’s to David 11-years after!

Stay tuned!

PS I just spoke to Henry and he skied all day and skipped lunch! On a difficult day that is a great effort. Bravo Henri!!!