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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Skiers Snow!!!

After a night with 100kph winds on the Fornet Glacier the snow did get worked over in places and the snow was a little tougher than it was yesterday. I took my team up to the Motte to feed off Thomas’ leftovers on Wayne’s Shoulder and we had plenty of room to leave our tracks bit the snow had definitely changed overnight. It was ‘skier snow’ and needed some application but the boys loved it and it was good enough to do three-and-a-half rotations before we ran out of room. (See photos) From there we did a short ‘skin’ to the Little Borsat West where we had some lovely snow in the meadows followed by some last-minute-bonus turns in the Familial. It’s been an excellent week with Martin, Mike and Simon as the heart of my group and it’s been a pleasure to ski with them.

Chris skied in the Sache today while Thomas went for a longer ‘skin’ above CW in the Sache and Henry was finishing up his piste week.

After doing a Lower Borsat this morning we were skiing the piste down into Tignes and I could feel someone right behind me and of course I thought it was someone in my group. I was skiing fairly hard at a good pace and really working my edges until we arrived at the bottom and when I turned around it was the 93-year-old Jacques with a huge smile on his face who had been right on my ass. Bravo Jacques, you’re an inspiration and I had now idea how fast you still ski. In fact, make that a double bravo!!!

My airport run went well and the girls and their friends had an absolutely brilliant time. I was sad to see them go and I think they were even sadder to leave our lovely village with our stunning mountains and such beautiful sunshine. Hopefully the English weather will improve before too long.

I’m off to bed and stay tuned!