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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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‘Skiers ‘ Snow!!!

About 20cm’s of snow fell overnight but in certain areas there was double that because of wind assistance, but for the most part the wind managed to compress the snow on the upper part of the mountain making for some ‘educational’ skiing in places. We were fortunate to have much better visibility than forecast and we profited with some fantastic skiing. My team opened up with a very good Face du Bellevarde for the powder-on-the-piste routine followed by a run off the Fontaine Froide. I then teamed up with Thomas (I was going to say hooked up with Thomas but apparently that would now imply having sex with him!) and we opened up the Tour du Charvet vis TJ’s Shoulder and although it was hard work at the bottom it was worth it as the skiing and ambience were wonderful. From there we had one on the Arcelle, which was tough up top but improved dramatically towards the bottom and a fun run in the Super L to finish. Chris was in the neighbourhood for the first half of the morning before heading up to the Fornet for a look, and I’m not too sure where Andreas and Henry skied today.

The risk today was bumped up to 4/5 from 2/5 but it was rated higher than it really was although caution was still the number one priority.

I had a big day on the photos today and used my old camera and didn’t have so many blurry photos. It does have some annoying water spots on the lens but I have subjected it to some pretty grim conditions over the years.

The team is off for some helicopter safety training this afternoon with Sasha (Olivier’s son) so that should be fun.

Another cold day is forecast for tomorrow and fingers crossed for another day of decent visibility. Stay tuned!

PS And a big mention to Penny as I’ve never seen her ski better and to Walter who is a beautiful skier with a lovely touch and feel for the snow. It’s rare these days to see ‘steering’ skill like Walter’s and I was really impressed. bravo to you both!!!