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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Slower To Soften!!!

The spring snow took longer to soften today and it made for trickier skiing. Temperatures were similar to yesterday and even without the diluting cloud cover the spring snow was slower to soften.

We skied the Altiport and then did a test off the Borsat before skiing the Super Santons. Two days ago the Super Santons was wonderful and I kept it in ‘code-mode’ to help preserve it. But a couple of days later it has sadly been transformed into a bit of a mess! And sadly I need to dock myself a point or two for that one!

Next up was the steeps in the Tour du Charvet which is still pretty jolly good. It’s not as ‘clean’ as it was yesterday but still offers some great skiing and ambiance.

We finished off our morning up at the Fornet and for a trickier morning everyone enjoyed themselves. (see photos)

Chris< Andreas and I all skied the same slopes this morning while Thomas wasn’t too far away. He forgot to charge his radio last night so we didn’t have any contact with during the morning. However Andreas did spot him from afar on the Charvet.

Thanks to Karen and Mike for another brilliant gig at the Danois last night. They were both excellent as they always are and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Alex introduced himself to me and said he’d come because of my blog. He and his wife had a great evening and it was nice to have a chat with them. Alex did a season about 35 years ago and made his money delivering croissants and fresh bread in the morning’s. It was an enterprising thing to do at the time and afforded Alex plenty of ski time. I look forward to seeing you at another gig soon Alex!

My lovely niece Rosie arrives today with four girl friends and they will be coming to a couple of gigs or three this week. And my ex-brother-in-law (but still my beau-frere) Pav arrives with 9 pals today. as well. There’s no doubt that they’ll be out grooving as well.

Pav went to the West Ham v Wolves game last week and met Alan Taylor. Alan was Pav’s hero as he scored both goals in the Hammers 1975 FA Cup Final win. Alan is the reason Pav became a Hammers fan at a very tender age all those year’s ago. And I guess in a roundabout way Alan is responsible for me being a Hammers fan as well!

Stay tuned!

PS Liverpool v West Ham tonight!!!! I’m a bit worried as the Hammers seem a little leggie at the moment. And Liverpool are firing on all cylinders. Fingers crossed!