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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Sorry Boys!!!

The sun was finally shining again but the main factor was the wind over the past couple of days. After spending a couple of days scratching around Bellevarde due to flat-light and cold temperatures it was time to take advantage of the visibility and head back to the Fornet. Unfortunately the wind had worked the snow over and it wasn’t the ‘powder-frenzy’ that a lot of people were hoping for.

After testing the snow and having had some decent skiing we decided to head to the lee of the Manchet. Chris came along and the snow in the upper Arcelle was superb. Then it came to crunch time. Do we try to ski to the bottom or ‘skin’ back out? There was still some good skiing to be had below and I was hoping that they’d made some snow at the bottom. It looked as if they had so we decided to give it a go. (No one really wanted to walk back out) We made it most of the way down before it became too thin to ski properly. (Of course they hadn’t made snow, totally wishful thinking) After some zig-zagging back and forth we made it to the road from where it was an easy push back to the Clochettons. Anyway, it was a good adventure and change of scenery. And nothing a trip to Jean Sports can’t fix!

I’m off down the valley shopping while the weather holds. Stay tuned!

PS Andreas was back in action today with Ian while Thomas was skiing off-piste with his daughter Manon.

PPS It looks as if the Swiss have lightened up a little with UK travelers. You can now transit through the airport if you are heading directly to a French resort. Having proof of where you are transiting would be a good idea! Have also just heard transiting within 24 hours. Either way it’s great news!