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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Sorry For The Late Update!!!

Sorry for the late update as I know many of you who follow the blog regularly know that a late update can mean a problem of some sort on the mountain. Fortunately all went well today but because I worked all day and then went to the Danois to meet my friend Francis and with Ed and Jamie playing until after 8 followed by a burger with Francis and his lovely daughter Eva I’ve just arrived home.

With unexpected sunshine this morning Chris and Thomas headed to the Col du Montet while I skied the Vallonnet, the Col Pers and gorge followed by Oh My! to finish. If the photos look similar to the last couple of days there is a reason as I’ve skied variations of the same slopes for the past three days. The big slopes at the Fornet are extremely impressive and have produced some excellent skiing and with new people each day I’ve really enjoyed the skiing as it has been the best skiing in the resort.

I’m off to bed now as it has been snowing properly for the last few hours and is expected to continue through the night. There is no doubt that we already have a fresh canvas and fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t become a factor. Stay tuned!