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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Speaking Of Folklore!!!

You can’t speak about Val d’ Isere folklore with out mentioning ‘Dick’s Tea-Bar’!  Back in the day it was almost a nightly occurrence to stop by and have a drink or ten and visit with friends. Everyone went and you could always count on some great laughs and banter, and if your pals were late or no-shows you could have an equally good time chatting with the staff.

All those years ago I used to drink enough to actually get on the dance floor and believe me it wasn’t a pretty sight. I had three speeds, dirty-dog-one, dirty-dog-two and dirty-dog-three. They were all the same moves and very predictable but the key was in the rhythm and I’d always come off the dance floor a sweaty mess!

I had some of my most memorable nights in Dick’s, as did so many of the people in today’s photos. It was back when we could party hard and sill get up and go to work in the morning. Even when you went out for just a ‘quick one’ you could get ambushed, and many too times I would groan when  Dick would finish the night with ‘You-Gotta-Go-Home’ at 4AM. Ouch!

Thanks very much to Dick for sending me the link to his photos. There were roughly about 2000 shots and I couldn’t use them all. See if you can work out who’s who?

Stay tuned again tomorrow!