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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Splat du Jour !!!

It was just Derek and I this morning and we had a nice ski around Bellevarde skiing off-piste for the most part with a few piste cruises thrown in. I picked up a ‘Splat du Jour’ award for an explosive head-plant-forward-roll that came out of nowhere. We were skiing easy terrain (green-like) in lovely snow and the next thing I knew was baboom, complete forward roll and no sun glasses!  Thankfully Derek didn’t shish-kabob me and he managed to find my brand new glasses which he located where my head went in.

It was extremely warm today and unfortunately too warm for the snow cannons to function. What makes matters worse is that apparently the pipes for the cannons on the bottom of Solaise were cut during the construction of the new Brussels Hotel. That’s the reason there is no snow on the nursery slopes and no snow on the lower section of the piste. There is also a few problems with the snow making on La Daille and the resort my lose the Woman’s World Cup Race.

I’m out of clients for the weekend so I’m changing my flight and going back tomorrow as I have an eye op on Tuesday. Chris will be in charge of the diary while I’m gone and I’ll be back skiing next Thursday. Stay tuned!

PS Andreas has teamed up with Karen and will be playing après ski gigs at the Petit Danois on Friday’s. Their first gig will next Friday, December 7th, starting at 5 o’clock. See you there!