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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Stay tuned!!!

Stay tuned for breaking news as it all seems very uncertain. The news yesterday was that touring would be allowed form December 15th. But today’s news is possibly no touring until Christmas with a decision on December 15th.

That’s not very helpful for those of us who were planning on arriving on the 15th. Another question is insurance? I’m the type of person who doesn’t think too much about that sort of thing and it was brought to my attention by Matthew. He’d like to come and support us but is wondering if he’d be insured for an accident on the mountain? And Ray is wondering about insurance against hospitalisation with Covid?

Andreas is sitting in on a virtual meeting this morning so we may have some news later in the day.

Ed Mullit and Jamie’s live gig today at 5pm can be viewed by logging onto the Ski Club of GB website. Rock on!

PS Thomas has just informed me that any mountain rescue would be by the PGHM and it is free. That’s positive!

PPS News just in from Jean Marc saying that the Service du Piste would be working for rescues as it would be the Mayor’s Office responsibility. That’s positive as well!

PPPS Jean Marc says it’s all rumour and speculation at the moment and to wait for more concrete news next week.