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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Still Brilliant!!!

I’m a bit bummed because I’ve spent fifteen minutes writing the blog and then lost it all with the click on the wrong button and am now starting over. GRRRR!!!! It’s just shows that you shouldn’t operate machinery while half-pissed as Richard Foster took me out to lunch and I’ve just paid the price for too much red so early in the day. Thanks anyway Richard as I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Now back to the skiing. I sadly took my team on a ‘double-skin’ today and we had outstanding skiing with no one else around. (I say ‘sadly’ not because I don’t enjoy walking but because two days after a snowfall the resort is so tracked out that you don’t have any other choice and anyone who really wants to ski off-piste from here on in needs to be prepared to walk.) The snow was brilliant and I had Chris and his son Alex along, as well as their pal Ned who works for Ski World, and the slotted in beautifully and enjoyed the ‘team-tracks’ routine and they can ski with me any time they want. Bravo boys! (See photos)

Chris was entertaining his Ski Club group up at the Fornet along with Henry while Thomas was skiing the Col des Fours with his team, which I can imagine was fantastic! Andreas was down in St Foy skiing the Foglietta (this is where I went wrong when I decided on a spell check and somehow deleted all my original work) and he had an outstanding day complete with lunch at the Monal. I hope he drives home better than I’m operating my computer! Anyway, when the Foglietta is as good as it was today it’s a hard one to beat! Well done boys!

Tomorrow’s forecast is for overcast skies but I think we’ll get enough light to enjoy a pretty good morning and I already have a good idea of what I’ll ski tomorrow. There’s two obvious choices and I think I’ll opt for a change of scenery.

Thursday is Guinea Pig night at the Danois so I hope to see you there, and I’m looking forward to Karen and Andreas at the Danois for the Friday Night Alpine Get-Together. Don’t miss it and rock-on!!!

PS And on to politics! Donald Tusk, European Council President, was wondering aloud after talks with the Irish Premier in Brussels saying, ” what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan to carry it out safely!” (He was speaking about the politicians involved, not those who voted for Brexit.) The Premier then said, ” they’ll give you terrible trouble in the British press for that” and Mister Tusk nodded at the comment and they both laughed.