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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Still Great Skiing!!!

The sun continues to shine and our cold spell seems to be over. With each passing day our remaining options are slowing being tracked while the sun is affecting snow as well.

With the changing conditions people’s expectations are starting to change with them. But, there is still some great skiing out there and everyone is going home happy with a smile.

Limited options always means ‘code-mode’ so again I’ll let the photos help to give you a clue. Simon loves this ‘Where’s Wayne’ game. He enjoys trying to work out where we’ve skied and he’s exceptionally good at it. Go Simon!

Johnnie Alpine was back in action today and is testing new gear. After yesterday he’s decided to get some new edges and bindings. His old beat up skis and worn out bindings contributed to his fall yesterday. He’d been meaning to buy new gear two years ago but Covid got in the way. I think we have all lost some rhythm during Covid and been side-tracked in one way or another.

Chris was a little shaken watching Johnnie hurtling down the mountain yesterday and he joined us today. Thomas and Andreas were both in action as well today and I haven’t heard from Henry lately?

We had a great evening in the Danois last night. Karen and Andreas put on a fantastic gig and it was well attended by ‘Alpine’ skiers. Thank you all for coming. Both Karen and Andreas really appreciate it, as does Hendrick!

Stay tuned!