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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Still More Sunshine!!!

As the sun continues to beat down we had a nice morning skiing some perfectly groomed and empty pistes mixed in with some short ‘skins’ off-piste. (see photos) Chris and I headed towards Tignes and we’re very lucky to be in a quiet period because we are using the pistes more than we normally would and having them quiet makes an enormous difference.

Thanks to Dave C for the Tottenham v Liverpool match last night followed y a lovely curry, thanks to Jerry for driving yesterday, and well done to Michael R who skied 27-straight days in some fairly tough conditions,

Rumour has it that it may snow on Friday so fingers crossed as we are getting desperate despite the brave faces we have been putting on. Even five centimetres would help and I wonder if people might try to start managing the snow a little bit better after this drought? Somehow I doubt it but I’m still hoping ‘track-abusers’ might wake up! Stay tuned!