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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Stinker Avoided Until 12:57

It was always going to be a difficult day as we had strong overnight winds and rain up to 2400 metres. We had a window of sunshine over the Fontaine Froide so Chris and I took advantage of it and skied two rotations in pretty good snow considering the wind and rain. The snow was tricky but good skiing and the last couple of turns told us we couldn’t go any lower due to the rain crust. We then had two good runs on Bonnevie’s Drag before heading to the Motte where we had a good run off the Genepy and one off the Cairn. I thought considering what was on offer we had a jolly good morning.

Unfortunately just above the Triffolet at 12:57 I hit a grabby bit of snow on the piste and exploded as skis, poles and glasses went flying. I’ve done something to the back of my knee and at the moment I don’t know how serious it is. Gill has tested it and it could certainly be worse but we’ll know more over the next 24-hours or so. I’m sorry if you’ve booked in to ski with me because I have a feeling I’m going to need a few days at least. Fingers crossed for a miraculous overnight recovery and me being at the Gourmandine in the morning!

On a happier note Andreas and Karen’s gig at the Danois last night was brilliant. Their song selection was fantastic and they compliment each other beautifully. Jerry suggested a weekly Alpine-end-of-the-week-get-together at the Danois and we’ll start that in January when Andreas and Karen will be playing weekly. Bravo Andreas, it was a great gig!

Stay tuned and hopefully I’ll have some good news health-wise tomorrow!