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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Strong Winds!!!

The foehn wind was blowing this morning and much of the wonderful snow from yesterday that wasn’t tracked will have been battered by the wind today. It was a good day to stay low and in the lee and we managed a pretty good morning and didn’t really notice the wind until the trip home and the Toviere bubbles were being seriously buffeted about. We had a great run in the trees into Tignes followed by a ‘skin’, then a nasty traverse towards the Sachette, which accessed some pretty good skiing. I was stopped by the Mountain Gendarmes who were out checking to make sure people leading groups were qualified and had the proper paperwork so fortunately I had my Carte Proffessionnelle with me. Thomas was in the neighbourhood this morning, while Andreas had a boarder so he didn’t have his normal freedom of choice and Chris is skiing with a lovely American family from Boston. (I’m not too sure what Henry is up to?)

I had a bit of fun last Sunday in the Familial when this guy dressed in a yellow and orange checked suit was in front of me heading to the Altiport. He was guiding four Brits and they traversed all the way across the Altiport to find what was left of the clean snow and he laid perfect Alpine tracks beside his tracks that he’d laid earlier in the morning so my team joined in and used his track and after three rounds it was a pretty impressive set of tracks. He was a jolly good skier as well and it’s nice to see someone else taking care of the mountain (as well as using the track to improve his clients) and we had a little wave as we both continued on with our day.

I’ve had a text from the boys in Canada and they’re having a great time. After enduring -35C at Lake Louise it’s warmed up to -15C and Jerry seemed happy to have a 35-year-old Irish woman as a guide who apparently is much better looking than what he’s used to at Alpine! Have fun boys!!!

Peter and I had a pizza last night at Flash Pizza (excellent) before going to the Baraque for some music, and as usual the group was fantastic. The guest female singer was brilliant and well worth seeing if you’re in town this week. She will be returning around the 7th of April so I’ll make sure I take Gill and Katie while they’re here.

And a big Happy Birthday to Karen! I’m looking forward to seeing her play again with Andreas on Friday at the Danois so see you there! Don’t miss it as it is a brilliant gig! Have a great day Karen and stop by the Baraque if you get the chance.

It doesn’t look like a great forecast for tomorrow but fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best. We should get a few flakes of snow which should help! Stay tuned!