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Stunning Sunshine!!! (Update)

The weather for this week was suppose to be grey and cloudy with a little snow. Instead we have clear blue skies and stunning sunshine. But, the good news is it’s now cold enough to make snow! (See photos)

On the snow front there is man-made snow to the bottom at La Daille and Solaise. However the snow cover at mid-to-low altitudes is extremely thin. For the opening weekend there will be at least the Fornet Glacier open as well as the Tete du Solaise. With cold temperatures it is possible to lay down quite of bit of artificial snow over the next few days. If they can make enough there is a possibility of the liaison to Tignes being open as well. Fingers crossed on that one as that would make things much more interesting!

I made the mistake of opening a can of paint this morning! Fortunately it was a little job and I’m not going to get sucked into any major paint work!

And good news on the vaccination front. Katie is having her second jab on Friday so she’ll be able to fly to visit me on her own in February. It’s great news for families who have children between 12 and 17. They can now plan for their ski holidays or trips to Disneyland!

Stay tuned!

PS Chris and I had a good training walk on Le Balcon this afternoon before heading to the gym. I’ve added a couple of photos and you can see the man-made snow to the bottom on the Face de Bellevarde.

And the really good news is that Karen and Andreas will be playing the Danois on Saturday. Ed and Jamie are playing this Friday and then Karen and Andreas will be playing Friday’s as of the 3rd. Stay tuned for timing of Saturday’s gig.