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Off Piste & Back Country Skiing Specialists

Trekking in France and further afield

Exploring a region and culture at walking pace, forgetting our day-to day problems.
Taking time to meet people, to share a meal, exchange views on the World. Marveling at a simple sunset or a sea of cloud….
A strange sort of journey for the traveler who thinks he’s going out to meet people, and ends up exploring his own roots.
Gavarnie & Ordessa, the Arrazas and Anisclo canyons and the Monte Perdido.
Reunion Island, with its cirques and volcanoes.
Corsica, with its cape and its traverse.
Chamonix – Zermatt for the 4000 m peaks and their glaciers.
Romania for the Bukovine, its villages and monasteries.
Morocco for Mount Toubkal and M’ Goun.
Mauritania for the desert…
And all the others to be imagined and experienced: contact us…