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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Sun With Cloud Damage!!!

Yesterday’s thin cloud cover that drifted in-and-out combined with heat that bounced back and forth between the snow’s surface and the cloud baked the snow, especially on the sunny exposures and a lot of beautiful snow was ruined. It was necessary to stay north today and we still had some excellent snow but many great slopes are now out of play until it snows again. Fortunately it is forecast to snow 15cm’s tonight, which should make a big difference.

The Cugnai has been closed and was expected to open this morning and we needed to decide between waiting and hoping or ‘skinning’ up so Chris, Thomas and I all decided to ‘skin’ but the lift opened about five-minutes too early and we were passed by the people who queued up at the bottom. Thomas, Daph and I made it to the top before the lift-delivered skiers but by the time everyone arrived and put their ‘skins’ away our hard work went for nothing as people were pouring in in front of us. Still, it was a good walk and everyone enjoyed the effort. Those in front of us did their best to trash the place and after the first pitch we really needed to play with expositions and stay as north as possible to avoid the heat-crust that ruined a lot of snow and was un-skiable in places.

Our Cugnai experience told us we needed to go high and north so we all finished our morning our morning’s with a trip over the Col Pers, which was pretty good top-to-bottom, with an exit through the Gorge du Malpasset.

Fingers crossed for some snow tonight and stay tuned!