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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Hallelujah! The sun was out in full force today and after so much flat-light skiing it was wonderful. Chris, JM, Andreas and I were all in action while Thomas had the day off. (I haven’t really seen Henry yet so I’m not too sure what he’s up to at the moment.)

JM had Tilly and Terry to introduce Terry to touring. They spent their time up at the Fornet and Jean Marc chose some great terrain and snow. It was a good confidence booster for Terry as he’s preparing for a big tour later in the winter.

Meanwhile Chris, Andreas and I all started with variations off TJ’s Shoulder. As usual the ambiance was fantastic and the snow for the most part was superb. Surprisingly there was  some heat in the snow and we needed to play with the exposures to make the most of it. (see photos) From there we headed up to the Fornet to finish off an excellent morning.

What a way for Michael R to start after the long journey from America. Michael’ s here for just over a month and after such a long lay-off he was a happy boy.

I spent the afternoon bouncing back and forth between Burnley v West Ham and the Formula 1 final. I don’t know too much about motor racing but I got the impression it was all a bit controversial. I’m sure you Lewis Hamilton fans will be going spare!

Stay tuned for more news and sunshine tomorrow!

PS I managed to shovel my terrace!!!