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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Superb Quality Again!!!

We have enjoyed some skiing of the highest quality lately and today was another stunning morning. The sun broke through quite early giving us an unexpected clear blue day but with it too many people, which put a slight edge on proceedings at times, but the snow was outrageously good. With an avalanche risk of 3/5 moving towards 4/5 we started out quite cautiously but we grew into the morning and ended up skiing some wonderful terrain. After warming-up off the Verte we skied the Familial and I was heading towards Tignes with Chris before doing a U-turn and heading to the Tour du Charvet via TJ’s Shoulder, which was stunning. We then had a great run in the Cugnai, which was steep and deep with cold winter powder and it really doesn’t get much better. Thomas and Henry were in the neighbourhood and we all finished the morning with a good run of ‘left-overs’ in the Marmottons/Marmottes. Chris had a great morning off the Motte and had a boarder cut a fairly large sluff on top of his team which wiped out their tracks. Needless to say Chris wasn’t too happy about that!

I seem to be having trouble uploading my photos. Maybe it’s because I’ve been putting off my updates? I’ll keep trying.

I’ll be in the Danois for a beer around 6:30 after going to the gym to stretch out. Stay tuned!