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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Thank-You Jean Sports!!!

After a couple of great seasons working out of Precision Ski it became apparent that we would need to move. Jock and Sue wanted to expand into the children’s market and needed a bigger school that could deal with all types of lessons including children. Being a small off-piste outfit of five we certainly couldn’t handle the type of business so I looked elsewhere.

I didn’t really know where to start? My good friend Bernard Moog knew the French-side of town so I asked him if he had any ideas. He immediately replied that the nicest people in town owned Jean Sports so I figured that would be the best place to start. After putting on a jacket that I’d borrowed from David Mac I headed up to Jean Sport to try to sell Alpine Experience to the owners.

During the summer Jean Sports always do some renovating of the shop. I walked in the place looked like a bomb site! There was wood on the floor, wires hanging down from the ceiling and the shop looked like it was being entirely rebuilt. An older gentleman, who turned out to be Jean, approached me and asked if I needed help. Jean was wearing one of those one-piece-blue-boiler-type-suits that all the labourers wear. He had dust in his hair and was totally white from head-to-toe, and he really was quite a sight!

In my best French I approached and asked him if he’d be interested in having Alpine Experience working out of his shop? I was totally and pleasantly surprised by his answer. He simply pointed to a bare wood-strewn corner and said, “this is where your office will be!”

Twenty-eight years later and we are still working out of Jean Sports. Our relationship with the Ughetto family has been a huge part of our success and we will always be grateful to them. Jean and Nicole have long-since retired but Jean Sports has been kept in the family by their son Didier and grand-daughter Emily.

Today’s photos are of our first brochure working out of Jean Sports in 1994-95 season. Thank-you Jean Sports!

It ended well for Jock and Sue as Evolution2 moved into Precision Ski immediately, and there’s nothing like a win-win situation in life!

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