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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Thank You Tchenko!!!

It was -11C overnight and with some thin cloud floating it was going to take a while to warm up. The colder weather with diluted sun meant the spring snow was going to take a little longer to come around.

I was just about to embark on a list of where we skied today. But on reflection ‘code-mode’ is probably a better option as no snow is in the immediate forecast. We did ski a nice combination of winter snow and spring snow and the photos tell the story.

Thomas was back in the resort today after a couple a few days down the valley. We had an excellent run together as he finished up Tasha’s girl’s team week. Andreas was in La Rosiere while Henry had an all-day private. Jerome has been helping out this week and Chris will be back off-piste tomorrow.

Thanks to Tchenko I went to the Danois last night to check out the Lunettes. They consist of a Spanish drummer, Spanish lead guitarist, and a Brazilian who sings and plays bass. The Brazilian also plays a great lead guitar, has a great sense of humour and is a seriously talented musician. I thought they were fantastic and will add Thursday’s to my regular visits to the Danois. Thanks Tchenko!

Speaking of gigs and the Danois Karen and Mike will be playing apres-ski tonight. It promises to be another brilliant evening so don’t miss it. I’ll see you there!

Stay tuned!

PS I really enjoyed the yellow BlackCrow’s this morning!