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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Thanks Doug!!!

Doug kindly pointed out that my Lebara deal isn’t quite as good as I thought. It’s still much more appetizing than my previous Vodefone set-up but not quite what I was signing up for. I guess you already knew that I wasn’t much of a ‘small-print-kind-of-guy’!
Below is some of the fine print.
“This scheme is designed for customers who primarily live in the UK and ideal for short trips to other places in the EU. To safeguard against abuse, if your roaming usage is greater than usage in the UK over any continuous 120-day period, you will be subject to a surcharge of 0.20p/MB (equivalent to £2/GB) for data, 0.04p/sec (equivalent to 2.4p/min) for outgoing calls, 0.01p/sec (equivalent to 0.6p/min) for incoming calls and 0.8p for sending an SMS.”
Although the opening has been pushed back to December 3rd the end of the season has been extended to May 6th. If it freezes at night the skiing could be fantastic!
If you’re in Val d’Isere the Danois opens Friday night with Karen and Andreas playing their first gig of the season. That sounds like fun!
Stay tuned!