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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Thanks Tchenko!!!

Tchenko and I went down to Bourg this morning. He’d found a bureau that helps people with French administrative paperwork and I’m glad we went.

It was so nice and such a change to actually speak to a human being. Instead of automated voices telling you want button to push a lovely young lady was incredibly helpful. She found a weak link in my dossier and sorted out the correct replacement, otherwise I would have been rejected!

This afternoon I sanded down and painted and old terrace table in preparation of the girls’ summer holiday. Then I decided on a shorter bike ride so I headed up the Manchet Valley. (see photos) It’s a lot shorter ride but was a lot steeper than I’d anticipated, so it was a decent workout.

Gill and Katie are off to Viv’s tonight for the ‘Welcome back Wayne’ BBQ. Unfortunately the guest of honour won’t be there but I’m sure they’ll have fun without me!

Millie went to a Gracie Abraham’s concert and ended up right up front. Her ticket included meeting Gracie and even received a big hug.  Millie had a fantastic night and sent me loads of video clips. (Gracie Abrams is a brilliant young up-and-coming singer/songwriter) I was suppose to be seeing Gracie next week but obviously won’t be able to go.

Last summer Millie and Katie took me to see Maisie Peters in a small venue with 300 fans. This summer Maisie will be opening for Ed Sheeran on his world-wide tour. Instead of playing in front of 300 she’ll be performing for 70,000 people in stadiums. What a difference a year makes!

What a let down the Tottenham v Arsenal match was last night. Rob Holding seriously let his side down with the most undisciplined performance I’ve ever seen. Arsenal moaned about poor officiating but he should have been sent off 20-minutes earlier. Dreadful. We can only hope that the FA Cup Final lives up to expectations tomorrow. Should be fun.

Stay tuned!

PS I had a moment’s panic this afternoon. Gill asked how long my car insurance was good for outside the UK. 90 days, 180 days, or no limit? I phone Saga and was incredibly relieved to find my insurance is good in Europe for 365 days. That’s quite incredible in these post-Brexit times. Go Saga!