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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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That Was Adventurous!!!

That had to be one of the most adventurous Sachette’s I’ve ever been involved with. On the way up the Aiguille Percee chair we noticed a couple of people making a meal of the traverse with one person losing the ski the slid down about 40 metres and it wasn’t until we arrived ourselves that we knew why. The traverse was icier and bumpier than expected and with the flat-light it was pretty tricky. Richard wasn’t too happy about it and then Simmo lost a ski but fortunately it didn’t tumble down the mountain and we could sort it out without too much difficulty. Once into the Sachette the landscape had totally changed again and the new snow that has been covering the rocks had been ripped away in the last storm leaving us with another delicate traverse through the rocks. Eventually we made it and we needed to search out the really good avenues of snow that lay between the icy patches and the skiing was actually jolly good. Up ahead Chris decided to ‘skin’ up to the plateau that we often ski but getting up proved difficult with the ice and Paddy came out of both skis and they shot of down the mountain and Paddy went with them! He did manage to stop himself before he slid to the bottom but Chris had lost sight of him and was rather worried. Fortunately Paddy was not injured and was reunited with his skis and we continued on without any more mishaps. I thought it was rather good fun in the end as it was far from being a straight forward Sachette. (see photos)

Andreas and Ian started off with a lovely Face du Charvet before circling back towards the Fornet to where Henry was skiing. Henry’s theory was that the sun would stay out longer up there but it did cloud over everywhere pretty quickly. We were teased with bright sunshine around 7:30 and thought we might get the morning in but it was snowing by noon and we should have a good cushion of fresh snow by morning. Some sun is forecast for the morning and with any luck we’ll have a fresh canvas and some more fantastic skiing. Stay tuned!

PS I’m off to tidy my life before the girls get here. I need to get it done today so that I’m ready for Karen and Andreas tomorrow at the Danois!