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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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That Was Fun!!!

Because of the wind slowing down the softening of the spring slopes all the boys started a 9:30 this morning. The extra 40-minutes made a big difference allowing us to hit spring snow at the right time. Instead of killing time to avoid firm snow it made for much more pleasant skiing.

It was my last of three great morning with David and his daughter Emilia. With the later start we skied some Val d’Isere ‘classics’ and we had a really fun and interesting ski. At times we negotiated some pretty thin strips of snow as certain itineraries are almost finished for the season. (See photos)

Meanwhile Henry headed for trusted terrain while Chris, Andreas and Thomas all went for a ‘skin’. Everyone had a great morning but we are all desperate for a change of conditions.

I had a fantastic time in the Danois with Viv, Debs, Catsy and Shona last night. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Revolverlites, who were great entertainment. They’ve had a brilliant few days but are sadly off back to England tomorrow.

I’ve a night off the Danois but will be back tomorrow night for the Lunettes. Don’t let the name fool you because they are seriously good.

Stay tuned!