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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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That Was Rather Pleasant!!!

Yesterday had to be one of the toughest days ever in my skiing life! There was absolutely no way that today could be anywhere near as difficult, and I was fairly optimistic. I hoped that we could just get above the rain-crust and that the pistes would be softer. Both would be a huge result!

We did manage to get above the rain-crust but unfortunately the cold snow had been battered by the wind. Instead of a few hopeful powder turns we skied wind-compacted snow instead, but it did ski quite nicely. I almost headed out into the Pays Desert but decided against it. The top section would have been absolutely fine. But the bottom third could have been really tricky and not worth ruining a knee over.

Penny, Michael, Chris and I had several runs off-piste out towards the Col aiming for supporting snow. Just as we were running out of ski-able snow we arrived at the piste leading into the Combe du Geant. The quality of snow on the piste was excellent. It was soft, cold, winter snow and an appreciated treat after yesterday’s offering. The combination of the off-piste section and piste made for some very pleasant skiing and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve posted some photos of some of the avalanche activity that occurred during the storm. As you’ll see there have been some very impressive slides. Long term the mountain is a lot safer than it would have been without the rain. You must look at the positives because the negative side of the rain is depressing.

Stay tuned!