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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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That Was Satisfying!!!

Wow, what a satisfying morning that turned out to be!

Chris and I were a little apprehensive first thing. It was several degrees colder. There was a strong wind blowing at altitude. And there was cloud cover, which was forecast to thicken during the morning. All these factors retard the softening of the spring snow and without spring options our choices would be limited. (They are limited anyway)

We headed up to the Motte to ski a lovely combination of souffle doux and perfectly groomed piste. At this stage the spring slopes were under cloud cover so the spring slopes weren’t yet ready.   We decided to head back up the Motte and then up the cable car to ski winter snow.

By the time we arrived back at the bottom it was time for a change of scenery. We’d scouted a nice steep slope from afar and decided to have a go. The sun had returned and we were in with a chance with the spring option. It turned out to be excellent from top-to-bottom as the snow had softened beautifully. I’ve never skied that line before so besides great skiing it’s always fun to ski a new slope. And in tough times a good  ‘sniff’ is always satisfying!

Chris was skiing with Michiele and Ricardo and four of their young teenage children. The youngsters skied brilliantly and handled themselves really well when the ‘going got weird’! Well done to you all! (and of course we had a couple of proud parents as well)

I’d say that only about 1% of our off-piste options are available at the moment. But within that 1% we’ve had some fantastic skiing. I’ve really enjoyed the past few days. The pistes have been brilliant and personally beneficial. And the off-piste has been interesting and surprisingly good. But if it’s not going to snow we do need the sun to keep us going at the moment. Stay tuned!