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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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That Was Satisfying!!!

It was another morning where we weren’t expecting that much but everyone was pleasantly surprised as it snowed more than we thought it would, the wind wasn’t too much of a factor although it did shut some lifts down, and the visibility was excellent for a flat-light day! Chris, Thomas and I had lovely skiing off the Verte and under the Mont Blanc chair before heading up Tommeuses, where it was decision time and we all opted for the Lavachet. The Alti-port en-route was excellent and the Lavachet itself had some great snow on the lee-side. From there we headed up for a really good run on the Tourne followed by a classic Sache from the first Col over, and then a beautiful Familial in sunshine to finish off another totally satisfying morning. You’ve got to love this place!!!

The pavements are lethal as usual and this morning a pisteur had slipped on the ice and seriously cracked her head. There were several pisteurs attending to her and an ambulance arrived to take her away. It’s a shame when you need a helmet to walk around town and fingers crossed that she’s alright but it looked like she and those attending her were in distress.

We may get another 10cm’s of snow tonight, which would be gratefully received and we’re looking forward to another cracking day tomorrow, topped off with the Guinea Pigs at Le Petit Danois kicking off at 5:30. See you there!

PS Andreas reports a great first day. The snow wasn’t the best but the weather was good and they have a lovely guide. He was off for a beer before sweating it out in the sauna!

PPS And what about Ronaldo’s performance last night! He may be arrogant but he backs it up with effort, skill, performance under pressure and always with a smile! He’s the first in to practice and the last to leave (like Beckham), never gives less than 110%, never lets his teammates down, never shy’s away from taking responsibility when the stakes are at the highest, and he’s 34-years old. I personally love the guy and he’s graced every club he’s ever played for. Like everyone else in Spain he’s been accused of evading taxes but he gives about £6 million away to charity every year and if an English team doesn’t win the Champions League  I’d like to see Ronaldo make it 5 out of 6! Sheer brilliance, sheer class! And well done to Marcus for stepping up, he’s got some big balls as well and has what it takes to become a very special player!