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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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That was Tough!!!

We had a decent snowfall overnight and the avalanche risk was bumped up to 4/5. It was a matter of skiing ‘low hanging fruit’ and getting to untracked pistes before anyone else.

The early morning skiing was pretty jolly good, but even first thing you could feel with warmth in the snow. Unfortunately as the morning progressed the snow became heavier and heavier. It was good skiing but by the end I was happy to get home in one piece. (By the end the pistes we terrible! Real ride-em-cowboy chopped up bumps an no vis!)

Johnnie Alpine and Richard Finlay have arrived to put up a new curtain rail for me. The timing is brilliant before Gill and the girls arrive on the 19th. Thanks so much boys!

I’m looking forward to a great football match tonight and early to bed. Hopefully Croatia will win in regulation time!

Stay tuned!

PS Ed and Jamie put on a great show at the Danois last night and we had a pretty good ‘Alpine’ turnout.