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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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That Was White!!!

It was drizzling in town this morning and the snow was humid even as high as the Grand Vallon but it was all skiable and made for a jolly good morning. I was a little worried first-thing as it was blowing a hoolie and many lifts were closed due to the wind and with extremely flat-light our options weren’t very promising. I had two new Canadian clients with me today, Viviana and Matt who are living in London (thanks Kari), and we had a cracking time. We started off the Verte in a total white-out before having three or four good runs on Bonnevie’s Drag in the best light of the morning. From there we skied the meadows from the Borsat down towards the Grand Pre and down the Epaule du Charvet before bussing it to the Laisinant. We then had two atmospheric runs in the Grand Vallon where we couldn’t see much at all and on the second run I needed to get my compass out and we didn’t see the rocks out near Chez-Henry until we were right on top of them. As I said, atmospheric to say the least! And as you can imagine we had the place to ourselves, which always adds to the occasion! (See photos) Chris and Thomas were out there somewhere in the Fornet as well and I think Andreas was having a piste morning?

We may see as much as 20cm’s by morning and with the temperature forecast to drop dramatically tonight we could be in for a great day again tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Gill was rear-ended in Guildford yesterday and her car might be a write-off and last night a couple of roof tiles  blew off the roof! Not the best 24-hours!